Credit Unit


Credit Unit

Services aimed at small and medium plantain producers in Urabá and small banana producers in Magdalena as well as cooperatives, corporations and associations that trade with C.I Unibán S.A and C.I. Probán S.A., for the improvement of their production units.

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Credit Management

2016 – 2020Disbursed Credits: 2284
$20.331 Million pesos

Distributed in these categories:

Our credit management

Conventional rotating housing fund

It is composed by resources that belong to the banana producers and that they give to the Foundation for its administration.


The Fund was created by a conventional agreement between banana producers and Sintrainagro, where Unibán Fundación assumed responsibility since 2000 in managing the conventional rotating housing fund of producers who export with C.I. Unibán S.A. These resources are aimed at satisfying the housing needs of farm workers and their families, helping to reduce the housing deficit of banana workers in the Urabá region.


Over the years, the Foundation has received the administration of funds from other banana companies that do not export their fruit through C.I. Unibán, as are the Agrotes group with two farms (Tábano and Venecia), Fundación del Campo (C.I. Tropical with 22 farms) and the Patacón and Congo farms.

These resources are destined for credits in four modalities

At an interest rate of 0.33% EM

Housing legalization

The application can be claimed at the offices of the farms, in Sintrainagro or in Unibán Fundación and it is totally free.


Credit management

2016 – 2020Disbursed credits: 274
$6.335 Million pesos

The opportunity to open the countryside

to development and productivity

HDI SEGUROS in alliance with PROAGRO AND UNIBAN FUNDACIÓN offers a product focused on the agricultural market, bringing protection, safety and well-being to Colombian fields.


Banana producer: agricultural insurance gives you the advantages and benefits you need to protect your crops.

Strong winds
Excess rain

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