Our strategic lines

Economic development and infrastructure

The Foundation understands that one of the bases for the sustainable development of our communities is to seek to increase their economic income, improving at the same time their quality of life, for this reason we carry out training and business consulting projects with microenterprises, rural family businesses and organizations of solidarity economy, supporting them in their productivity and competitiveness. Through our line of credit, loans are granted to banana producers and additionally, advice is offered on financial education and on good environmental practices for their crops. Resources have also been provided for the development of housing projects and community infrastructure equipment, always accompanied by a social intervention for the appropriation of spaces, generating an impact on common welfare purposes.


The Foundation conceives education as the means par excellence for the transformation of the human being and as a strategy that allows access to a better quality of life through training processes for work and the following initiatives:

Instituto Unibán: offers complete education from preschool to Eleventh grade, strengthening our students in academic and life skills.

Instituto Técnico Unibán: technical careers with an emphasis on training people in banana, plantain and agricultural work.


Awareness towards caring for the environment and understanding the relationship that human beings have with nature is a fundamental pillar of our actions in the territory. In this line, protective and productive reforestation projects are carried out, through the implementation of community management actions for conservation and environmental education, contributing in a responsible way to the sustainable management of water resources and the importance of this for our productive sector.


Our presence

Urabá (Antioquia Department)








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