School plant nurseries

Promote the production of plant material (12,000 trees) for protective and productive reforestation through the implementation of school nurseries in six educational institutions and in the Caricias de Sol Foundation in the Urabá region of Antioquia, in order to contribute responsibly to sustainable management of the water resource.


Apartadó and Turbo Municipalities in Antioquia

100 people

Hydrogeological studies for Portón de Morán and Caño Mocho community aqueduct

Establish the hydrogeological conditions of the Portón de Morán and Caño Mocho villages, to identify water sources that can supply the respective community aqueduct systems.

  • 2 Sources of water for human consumption identified.

Technical support

Coffee Producers Committee.

Strategic partners

Parques Nacionales de Colombia Corpamag

San Pedro de la Sierra, Ciénaga Municipality in Magdalena

100 people

Restoration of the Guandusaca and Palmichal streams (Río Frío)

Increase forest cover in strategic areas for the restoration of ecosystem services for water regulation and sediment production / retention in the Guandusaca and Palmichal micro-basins, tributaries of the Río Frío basin.

  • 24 Hectares of forests and water rounds reforested, by planting 11,640 trees.

Coodeban, Banafrucoop, Coobafrío, Asobanarcoop, Coomulbanano and Emprebancoop Cooperatives, Syngenta, Corpamag, Estación Biológica Bachaqueros Foundation.

Ciénaga, Zona Bananera and Aracataca Municipalities in Magdalena

548 people

Reforestation processes for climate change

  • Carry out training and technical assistance processes to intervene 7,000 linear meters of biodiversity corridors established in the retreat areas of the 16 banana farms that export through C.I. Uniban to the Pluss Supermarket in the Netherlands; and hydrographic basins that are in the perimeter of the farms which have the fair-trade seal, generating a significant percentage of CO2

Corbanaexport, Sin Límites Corporation, Funtrajusto, Fyffes, Pluss supermarkets, GIZ, Uniban

Apartadó and Turbo municipalities in Antioquia

174 people

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