Economic Development and Infrastructure

Socio-environmental strengthening for banana producers

  • Contribution to the strengthening of banana producers in the productivity and quality of the fruit for sustainability (social, environmental and business) and the growth of local development.
  • 40 Producers associated with improvement of their productive infrastructure (conveyor system).
  • 5,000 Trees produced and planted on farms, water bodies and forests.

Coodeban, Banafrucoop, Coobafrío, Asobanarcoop, Coomulbanano and Emprebancoop, Syngenta, Corpamag, Fundación Estación Biológica Bachaqueros Cooperatives.

Ciénaga, Zona Bananera and Aracataca Magdalena.

548 people

Strengthening of territorial capacities for the transformation of local businesses in Turbo and Apartadó

  • Generate administrative and organizational capacity in 11 enterprises.
  • Contribute to the generation of income.
  • Provide job stability for the vulnerable population and victims of the conflict.

USAID-ACDIVOCA-Unibán Fundación – Puerto Antioquia

Turbo and Apartadó, Antioquia

11 Enterpreneurships – 142 people

Social, community and family strengthening - San Marino Condominium

  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and housing conditions of 114 families through access to decent housing.
  • Accompany social appropriation, establishing good community practices.
  • Teach healthy habits inside the house and take care of the environment in which all the families of the condominium live.

Carepa Local government, Viva

Municipality of Carepa, Antioquia

114 families

Alliance for water- Improvement of educational infrastructure

  • Improve infrastructure by adapting sanitary batteries and kitchens in 5 educational institutions in the municipalities of Carepa and Chigorodó.

Antioquia Government

Municipalities of Carepa and Chigorodó Antioquia

6.000 students

Construction of a child development center in the Churidó district

  • Join efforts for the construction of the second and third stages of the child development center of the Churidó Pueblo district in the municipality of Apartadó, Antioquia.

FUNTRAJUSTO Corporation, Apartadó Local government

Municipality of Apartadó, Antioquia

150 children between 0 and 6 years old

Improvement of the sports infrastructure of the communities of the Banana Production Region

  • Improve infrastructure of 3 sports venues, to contribute to the well-being and use of the free time of 2,200 children, youth and adults of the communities of the banana production region.

Antioquia Government INDEPORTES Antioquia Fundación Ramírez Moreno Carepa and Turbo local governments

Carepa and Turbo municipalities Antioquia

2.200 Beneficiaries

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