Unibán Fundación’s support for small producers in the department of Magdalena continues

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Unibán Fundación and the Quality Area of ​​the company are committed to improving the infrastructure of 40 farms of small producers in Magdalena, with the installation of conveyor belts for packing the fruit.

In order to bet on the efficiency and performance of the activities carried out by small producers for the packaging and transportation of bananas, Unibán Fundación in conjunction with the company’s Quality Area, have been carrying out the project of installation of conveyor belts in nearby of 40 farms of small banana producers of the Coomulbanano, Emprebancoop, Asobanarcoop and Coobafrío cooperatives, located in the municipality of Zona Bananera.

This work, completed around 38%, in addition to streamlining the packaging processes, also seeks to guarantee compliance with the quality requirements established by Unibán and Fyffes for the fruit commercialization process at a national and international level.

The installation of the conveyor belts is being led by Unibán Fundación, under the socio-environmental strengthening project from which the small producer is accompanied with technical training, strengthening of soft skills and infrastructure improvement, with solutions aimed at contributing to safety, compliance with the certifications and sustainability of the producer and the company.

“The project seeks to change the wood systems that are sometimes a source of humidity and fungi, for suitable materials in stainless steel and PVC pipes. Here we are financing an average of 45% and the producer 55% through the services provided by the Credit Unit or with FairTrade resources. Our commitment to progress and sustainable development is a constant”, expressed Carolina Jaramillo Ferrer, executive director of Unibán Fundación.

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