Unibán Fundación and Fundeban join efforts to restore the park and the field of the Iberia village in the municipality of Zona Bananera

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With an investment close to 145 million pesos, Unibán Fundación and Fundeban seek to restore the park and the field of the Iberia village of Orihueca in the Municipality of Zona Bananera, benefiting 2,550 people.

Last Friday, October 1st, in a socialization activity with the community of the Iberia village, representatives of Unibán Fundación and Fundeban shared with the inhabitants some of the benefits that the intervention of these public settings will bring to the community, being the recovery of the location for the practice of sports and the conditioning of spaces as recreational areas, the most relevant and those that will change the face of that area of ​​the Orihueca district, in the municipality of Zona Bananera.

Within the restoration works of the 364 m² sports hall, the court will be demarcated with painting, which will allow the practice of sports such as micro football, basketball and volleyball, the installation of new arches, complete enclosure of the stage, the construction of bleachers and the installation of furniture powered by solar panels, which will allow to have a clean and eco-friendly use of energy.

In addition, the works to adapt the park will include the reconstruction of the planters and deteriorated concrete slabs, the installation of a new playground with bio-healthy machines, the installation of luminaires powered by solar panels, the maintenance of the already existing metal benches and the installation of waste bins.

“For Unibán Fundación it is a great opportunity to work hand in hand with Fundebán, because we were the ones who built the park many years ago and today we meet again for its restoration. This is a community space that allows the practice of different sports disciplines and is an appropriate space for meeting with the other, thus allowing a healthy coexistence”, said Lilliana Patricia Gaviria Londoño, Magdalena Regional Project Manager. It is estimated that the works will begin in the next few days and they will be delivered by the end of this year. In this way, in the month of December the community will be able to enjoy a renovated space suitable for recreation and leisure.

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